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Revenue of $37.0 million exceeding the upper end of our guidance which was attributed to an increase in megaproject revenues.


Gross margin of 69.9%, higher than our estimates due to a change in product mix coupled with an increase in sales of our PX®.


Operating expenses of $16.7 million, in line with prior quarters.


Income from operations of $9.1 million.

Source: Q3 2023 Earnings Release

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For Fiscal Year Ending Dec 31, 2022

Innovative Technology Made to Solve Complex Issues

Energy Recovery (NASDAQ:ERII) creates technologies that solve complex challenges for commercial and industrial fluid-flow markets worldwide. Building on our pressure exchanger technology platform, we design and manufacture solutions that make commercial and industrial processes more efficient and sustainable. What began as a game-changing invention for desalination has grown into a global business accelerating the environmental sustainability of customers' operations in multiple industries. Headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area, Energy Recovery has manufacturing and research and development facilities across California and Texas with sales and on-site technical support available globally.

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As of Dec. 31, 2022 • 2022 10-K

For complete information regarding our financials, see our periodic filings.

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Revenue by Operating Segment in FY2022

As of Dec. 31, 2022 • 10-K 2022

Revenue by Primary Geographic Markets in FY2022

As of Dec. 31, 2022 • 10-K 2022

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As of Dec. 31, 2022 • 10-K 2022

Environmentally and Socially Conscious with Every Decision

Creating innovative and sustainable energy recovery solutions to positively contribute to our environment is at the core of our business. That is why we continue to prioritize our award-winning sustainability efforts in every part of our business.

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Our energy recovery solutions have a broad range of uses across industries. Currently, our technology use and business is divided into three industries: desalination, industrial wastewater treatment, and CO2 systems.



Our company started in water desalination, where our flagship PX® Pressure Exchanger® (PX) energy recovery device today saves water desalination customers approximately USD $3.9B in energy costs annually. Our innovative products range from pumping systems to energy recovery solutions like Turbochargers and the PX.



The PX revolutionized seawater reverse osmosis (SWRO) desalination, reducing energy use by up to 60%, and is today’s industry standard in energy recovery. We are continually expanding uses to industries like industrial wastewater treatment, potable reuse, and CO2 refrigeration.

Pressure Exchanger Technology

Pressure Exchanger Technology

Our pressure exchanger technology is at the heart of many of our products. It is designed to make industrial fluid flow processes more efficient and environmentally sustainable, lowering costs, saving energy, reducing waste, and minimizing emissions. This unique, versatile technology can operate in both high-pressure and low-pressure industrial fluid flow systems.

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