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PX®Desalination Technology Running Successfully in Largest SWRO Plant in Southern Hemisphere

By AUDREY BOLD, Energy Recovery Inc. (April 31, 2007)

San Leandro, Calif., April 17, 2007 – Energy Recovery, Inc. (ERI), the global leader of ultra-high-efficiency energy-recovery products and technology for SWRO desalination, announced today that the company’s PX Pressure Exchanger® (PX®) device has run successfully for the first 100 days of operation of the 144 Mega Liters per Day (MLD) SWRO Desalination Plant in Perth, Australia. The Plant confirms that by using the PX technology, together with low-energy membranes and high-efficiency pumps, large-scale seawater desalination is the best option for Australia today and for the future. The Perth SWRO Plant uses the renewable energy-saving resource of wind-farm technology to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. The Plant’s innovative design and successful operation have raised global awareness of low-energy desalination.

The Perth SWRO Plant was completed in October 2006. Currently, the plant is the largest in the world to be powered by renewable energy, supplying approximately 17% of Perth’s water needs, or 144 MLD. The high pressure brine by-product from seawater reverse osmosis plants contains valuable pressure energy which in the past was wasted or not recycled efficiently. PX technology is recovering over 12 MW of energy from the Perth desalination plant at close to 97% efficiency. By incorporating PX technology, the Plant has reduced energy costs by approximately 56%.

The hard work and dedication from all parties involved including MDJV and the Water Corporation of Australia is being highlighted
here today”, said GG Pique, ERI President and CEO. “With our PX technology at the heart of the desalination plant, the world is able to see that ultra-efficient energy use is not only possible but a reality for next generation SWRO systems.”

“There is a multitude of new SWRO desalination plants planned for Australia to help secure water supplies beyond today”, stated Gary Crisp, Principal Engineer, Water Corp of Australia. “ERI’s PX Technology has aided us in proving to the world that innovative energy efficient desalination technologies have made Perth’s Seawater Desalination Plant the world’s most advanced and sustainable desalination plant. The fact that it is wind powered, has passed all our strict environmental regulations and is highly energy efficient is the reason the Water Corporation confidently entered the plant as a contender for Global Water Intelligence’s “Desalination Plant of the Year” which it went on to win.”

ERI® received the 2007 Environmental Contribution of the Year Award by Global Water Intelligence for its PX Pressure Exchanger technology. The company was also named the 2006 and 2007 U.S. Export-Import Bank “Environmental Exporter of the Year”, an honor awarded for its technological leadership and innovation in bringing cost-effective desalination to nations around the globe. The San Leandro, California-based company holds the European Desalination Society’s prestigious Sidney Loeb Award for technical excellence in 2006.

Currently, ERI’s patented PX technology is making cost-efficient large-scale desalination of seawater possible in over 30 countries world-wide, covering five continents.

About ERI
Energy Recovery, Inc. (ERI) is the global leader in high efficiency energy recovery products and technology. Our PX Pressure Exchanger® (PX) energy recovery device is making desalination affordable. The PX device is rotary positive displacement pump that recovers energy from the high-pressure waste stream of SWRO desalination systems at up to 98% efficiency with no downtime or scheduled maintenance. Since its introduction in 1997, PX technology has emerged as the industry standard solution for SWRO desalination. There are currently over 6,000PX units installed or contracted in SWRO plants worldwide, significantly reducing the cost to produce over 5.2 million cubic meters (1.4 billion US gallons) of fresh water per day, and saving customers an estimated 500 MW of energy or over $350 million a year in operating costs.

ERI’s headquarters is situated in the San Francisco Bay Area; San Leandro, California USA with offices in every continent of the globe including: Sunrise, Florida; Madrid, Spain; Abu Dhabi, UAE; Shanghai, China; and service representatives in Sydney, Australia.