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ERI ® Launches International Web Site

By: Audrey Bold (January 10, 2008)

San Leandro, Calif., January 10, 2008, Energy Recovery, Inc. (ERI) announces a new multilanguage website for its global online community. This new, international site will meet the needs of our Spanish and Chinese speaking markets.

The new Spanish and Chinese sites were developed to meet the demands of ERI clients and online users requiring the latest information in their native language. While most visitors may utilize the English version, there is a growing demand for a user friendly, multilingual presence. The new sites offer Spanish and Chinese speakers a convenient, recognizable medium for easy access to information about PX® technology, company information; including such useful tools as the PX Power Model, ERI SIM™, as well as translated manuals, case studies, and sales quote requests.

From the latest product introductions of the PX 30 and PX 260 to the flagship PX 220, ERI continues to offer the simplest, most reliable approach to isobaric energy recovery available today. Please visit our website to learn more about ERI and the PX Pressure Exchanger Technology. ERI website:

For sales or technical inquiries, please contact a member of the ERI team by email at sales@energyrecovery. com or by phone at +1 (510) 4837370.

About ERI®
Energy Recovery, Inc. (ERI) is the global leader in high efficiency energy recovery products and technology. Our PX Pressure Exchanger® (PX) energy recovery device is making desalination affordable. The PX device is rotary positive displacement pump that recovers energy from the highpressure waste stream of SWRO desalination systems at up to 98% efficiency with no downtime or scheduled maintenance. Since its introduction in 1997, PX technology has emerged as the industry standard solution for SWRO desalination. There are currently over 6,000PX units installed or contracted in SWRO plants worldwide, significantly reducing the cost to produce over 5.2 million cubic meters (1.4 billion US gallons) of fresh water per day, and saving customers an estimated 500 MW of energy or over $350 million a year in operating costs.

ERI’s headquarters is situated in the San Francisco Bay Area; San Leandro, California USA with offices in every continent of the globe including: Sunrise, Florida; Madrid, Spain; Abu Dhabi, UAE; Shanghai, China; and service representatives in Sydney, Australia.

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