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Energy Recovery Launches New Blog

Corporate blog will report on the issues and initiatives driving the Company's growth and value

SAN LEANDRO, Calif.-October 8, 2013-Energy Recovery Inc. (NASDAQ: ERII), the leader in harnessing reusable energy from industrial fluid flows and pressure cycles, today launched its new blog at The Energy Recovery blog is a place where the Company's stakeholders, from investors to customers and suppliers, can stay apprised of corporate initiatives and industry developments that are shaping the Company's direction and growth.

"We're at an exciting time in the history of our Company and industry," says Tom Rooney, CEO of Energy Recovery. "Organizations have never felt greater pressure to reduce their environmental impact while delivering economic value. At the same time, the industry has not previously had access to the sophisticated technology pioneered by Energy Recovery to meet these challenges head on. Our new blog will share our plans and progress in this rapidly changing landscape."

Energy Recovery continues to cement its foothold in the global desalination industry, owning 90 percent share of the market for energy recovery technology. The Company has built a platform for worldwide growth as it diversifies into the oil & gas industry by targeting its most vibrant sector, natural gas processing plants. Energy Recovery's thought leaders-including Tom Rooney, CEO; Alex Buehler, CFO; and Audrey Bold, CMO-will blog about the news, trends, and technologies impacting these markets and the Company's role within it.

Visit the Energy Recovery blog or subscribe with any RSS readers. Comments and contributions are welcome. Journalists and bloggers interested in learning more about the blog or interviewing Energy Recovery's thought leaders can contact Kristan Kirsh at

About Energy Recovery
Energy Recovery Inc. (NASDAQ: ERII) technology harvests power from high-pressure fluid flows and pressure cycles. Through collaboration with industry, Energy Recovery helps make industrial processes within water, oil & gas, and other industries more profitable and environmentally sustainable. With over 15,000 energy recovery devices installed worldwide, Energy Recovery sets the standard for engineering excellence, cost savings, and technical services to clients across the globe. Year after year, the company's clean technologies save clients over $1.4 Billion (USD) in energy costs. Headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area, Energy Recovery has offices in Madrid, Shanghai, and Dubai.


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