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Energy Recovery Inc's PX Devices to Replace DWEER Units at Red Gate
Desalination Plant on Grand Cayman Island

Industry-Leading Energy Recovery Devices Offer Significant Reduction in Energy Consumption and Operational Costs Compared to Existing Technologies

SAN LEANDRO, Calif., May 18, 2010 (BUSINESS WIRE) --Energy Recovery Inc (NASDAQ: ERII), a leader in the design and development of energy recovery devices for desalination, today announced that the company's industry-leading PX Pressure Exchanger(TM) (PX(TM)) energy recovery devices will replace competing isobaric units at the Red Gate seawater reverse osmosis (SWRO) desalination plant on Grand Cayman Island. Originally built in 1989 by Consolidated Water Co. Ltd., the Red Gate facility is currently undergoing a retrofit, including an upgrade of desalination technologies. Energy Recovery's PX devices will help Consolidated Water and the Water Authority-Cayman to cost-effectively deliver more than 4,900 cubic meters(1.3 million gallons) of potable water per day. The decision to replace the existing DWEER devices with PX units was based on reliability and overall lifecycle cost.

Unlike the DWEER units and other competing energy recovery technologies, Energy Recovery's PX devices operate without pulsations and water hammer. Massive pulsations have been known to complicate and delay plant startups and may damage plant structures, compromise peripheral desalination equipment and/or adversely affect plant safety. In addition, PX devices have just one moving part made out of ceramic material that smoothly rotates with the flow of water. This simple yet elegant design requires no scheduled maintenance, making PX devices constantly available and reducing costly system downtime common in other isobaric competing technologies.

"SWRO desalination has been an integral part of Grand Cayman's water supply for years but in order to sustain the process long-term it is important that the cost of producing potable water be kept to a minimum," said Borja Blanco, senior vice president of Energy Recovery Inc. "Downtime due to equipment failure is a dual problem in a desalination facility, as you have to spend time and money to resolve issues, while your revenue stream is interrupted by the lack of production. We are pleased that Consolidated Water has selected Energy Recovery's PX devices as an upgrade to the existing DWEER units. Retrofits like this continue to represent a growth opportunity for Energy Recovery as desalination facilities all over the world continue to recognize the PX as the most reliable, and easiest to operate, isobaric energy recovery device."

Energy Recovery's PX devices operate at up to 98 percent efficiency and reduce the energy consumption of SWRO systems by up to 60 percent, making desalination a cost-effective, sustainable solution for clean water supply. PX devices also reduce the carbon footprint of desalination, saving more than 900 MW of energy and reducing CO2 emissions by more than 4.7 million tons per year worldwide. More than 8,000 PX devices are currently deployed or under contract to be installed at desalination plants across the globe. For more information about Energy Recovery's PX Pressure Exchanger technology, visit or send an email to

About Energy Recovery Inc

Energy Recovery Inc (NASDAQ:ERII) designs and develops energy recovery devices that help make desalination affordable by significantly reducing energy consumption. Energy Recovery technologies include the PX Pressure Exchanger(TM) (PX(TM)) device for desalination and the Turbocharger hydraulic turbine energy recovery device and pump for desalination, gas and liquid processing applications. In total, Energy Recovery helps reduce CO2 emissions by more than 4.7 million tons per year and produce 1.6 billion gallons of potable water per day. The company is headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area with offices in Detroit and in key desalination centers worldwide, including Madrid, Shanghai, and the United Arab Emirates. For more information about Energy Recovery Inc please visit

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