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Energy Recovery Completes Retrofit Expansion for BVB

Retro-fits of existing SWRO plants with Energy Recovery Inc.’s new pressure exchanger (PX) technology are increasing in popularity while yielding substantial benefits. At an undisclosed Caribbean location, Bill Blansett’s BVB corporation used the new PX technology to replace the original Pelton device and enabled the customer to increase system capacity from approximately 275 m3/day to 790 m3/day. The PX expansion scheme requires only the original high pressure PD pump at its original flow rate while achieving an almost 200% increase in capacity. This fact illustrates the new design basis for SWRO, which is that the main high-pressure pump flow is approximately equal to the product water flow when using PX technology. The specific power consumption of the RO process portion of the system was also reduced more than 33%, from 3.27 kWh/m3 (12.4 kWh/1000 gal) to 2.17 kWh/m3 (8.25kWh/1000 gal). Bill Blansett (Mr. Bill) of The BVB Corporation was quoted as saying, “that is fantastic.” GG Pique, Executive Vice President for Energy Recovery happened to be on site for the start up and reported that after only ½ day of testing and making final adjustments the plant was operating at peak performance. Although this shows how easy the PX is to operate, the majority of the credit has to be given to the designers, operators and crew of BVB and their customer for the job they have done in completing this project. For questions contact, tel 510-483-7370, fax 510-483-7317, in San Leandro, CA.